"Production is the process by which, using different
forces (natural or artificial) becomes transformation of matter or change in its form, so as to be suitable for satisfaction of human needs"
                                                  (from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The production process in a brass industry like Brass Form and all of
us who participate, are not just a definition of a concept in a dictionary, is our daily anxiety, our daily struggle and above all consists of the means that allows us to realize all our creative thoughts and every single idea in products that have pioneered.

From choosing the raw material in accordance with all international standards,
initial configuration of basic parts of a product, cutting material, hot forging and machining dimensions and threading, where with constant and strict control, with procedures certified by TUV under ISO 9001, achieving a continuous and consistent quality.

We Assemble the final products and check them one by one trying every day to avoid the slightest error can occur involving the human factor. Our products accompanied by detailed instructions for use for your maximum convenience during installation,while we always ensure to choose practical and safe packaging to protect and declare our love for the products that reaches your hands.