New Product: Mag-Filter | Brass Magnetic Dirt Separator



The dirt separator is an in-line system filter which combines effectively powereful magnetic and stainless steel mesh cartidge filtration. It collects and removes, though its constant action all the impurities presents in the heating systems preventing their circulation within the closed circuit systems.

The circulating impurities such as rust and sand, that are formed due to corrosion, are effectively collected especially during start up phase preventing wear and demage of the boiler and heat exchanger, while the on top mounted air vent ensures manually air release.


Shutting off the valves and removing the magnet from its housing all the impurities can rapidly and easily flashed away by the pre installed drain ball valve with hose connnection ability at the base of the unit.

The 360° rotating tee fiting makes possible the installation on several orientation and connection pipework under boiler on return pipe and is suitable for installations where space is limited. Due to its ergonomic design the magnetic filter can easily be cleaned without disassembling the main body from the boiler.

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