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As service providers, we have been designing, producing, optimizing and customizing OEM and VAR products and services for facilities management for over 25 years. Leading manufacturers in the HVAC industry trust in our reliability, competence, quality and high-performance infrastructure. Engineering, design, laboratory, production and test benches are concentrated in our headquarters in Greece. This enables us to implement innovative ideas for you quickly and simply and cost efficient.

We offer everything from a single source, from finding ideas, creation and production of prototypes, product development and differentiated product design to flexible production and technical support. We introduce new methods of modernization, higher efficiency, and system control.

The HVAC industry is a worldwide enterprise; however we also offer OEM and VAR services to other sectors as well such as the automotive, railway and HORECA industry. Your requirements are the starting point for our partnership. Your needs are at the center of our efforts.

Our mission is to provide competitive products that are best performing and most cost effective. Brass Form SPA offers you individual advice, development and planning, state of the art engineering and design capability, the production of high-quality products, prompt delivery and reliable service readiness. The highly committed collaboration between all our employees enables us to meet our high product quality standards and to satisfy our customers expectations.

Features and Benefits of VAR & OEM products

  1. Working in close cooperation on the specification and implementation of your technical demands
  2. Expertise in transforming your ideas into successful projects
  3. Researching prototypes production and trials
  4. Reliable cost estimation and pricing policy
  5. Cost-effective and personalized design of production equipment facilities
  6. Differentiation in the market
  7. Customized products, adjusted on your''specific'' needs
  8. Long-term and strong business relationship
  9. Delivery at short notice of high-quality, flexible and functional solutions
  10. Offering full service (Personal Support, Technical Advice, and Efficient Order Fulfillment) or Customer Support and technical service
  11. Direct responce to all your request and queries.
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